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About Us

DMK Kaszyccy Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership runs a business in domestic & international transport.

Establishment of the DMK Daniel Kaszycki Marian Kaszycki General Partnership placed in Baligród and commence operations on the domestic & international transport market.
The office transfered to Sanok
Replacement of the truck fleet
Change of the office location to Rymanowska Street, Building F, Room no 4
Joining a new partner to a partnership and transformation of DMK Daniel Kaszycki Marian Kaszycki General Partnership to DMK Kaszyccy Limited Liability Company and Limited Partnership.
  • As we evolve, we replace the old fleet with new trucks to meet the latest standards. This ensures customers confidence and also our drivers work comfort.

  • Fair & honest conduct of our business was always one of our key goals as well as offering the highest possible service standard.

  • As a carrier we make every effort to satisfy our most demanding customers.
  • Offer

    We offer

    • We provide the services of domestic & international forwarding
    • We provide high quality services as processing ADR commissions
    • Most often we drive to the following countries : Poland, Germany, Benelux, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary
    • Transport safety and good cooperation are ensured by our skilled and experienced staff and the modern fleet of vehicles


    • Qualified drivers, who are permitted to process ADR commission
    • Qualified Staff of forwarding officers, as well as HR and accountants
    • Workers improve their qualifications through trainings, such as : accounting of driver's working time (Inelo – Trainings in Transport) ; VIGGEN - Trainings for TSL companies, training in economical driving (Mercedes Benz Trucker Academy), many conferences & meetings.


    • Our fleet consist of modern trucks - produced in 2015-2017, such as Euro 6 emission class Mercedes, Renault and also trailers : Krone, Kässbohrer.
    • Each truck is equipped with GPS system and a mobile phone, so forwarding agents can monitor drivers progress.

    Contact us!

    DMK Kaszyccy
    Limited Liability Company
    and Limited Partnership
    ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 41C
    38-606 Baligród
    taxpayer identification number 6881296764
    national business registry number 180642807
    National Court Register 0000711003

    Office in Sanok – correspondence address
    DMK Kaszyccy
    Limited Liability Company
    and Limited Partnership
    ul. Rymanowska 45, bud.F, pok.4
    38-500 Sanok

    Mob. 661831968

    Our business partners

    Our international activity includes cooperations with western companies & speditions, such as LKW Walter Transporte Österreich, Bianca s.r.o.

    We are honoured to cooperate with our close business partners, without which our dynamic development would not be possible.

    Our local partners:

    • 'TOCAR' M. Tokarski Company in Sanok
    • 'INTRA SPRZĘT' S.C., M. Indyk Company in Lesko
    • Bellamy Sanok - furniture manufacturer
    • SANCRO - furniture manufacturer
    • Mercedes Branch Sobiesław Zasada Rzeszów in Rzeszów
    • Renault Eurocomplex Trucks Sp. z o.o. in Liszki

    We also cooperate:

    • Ogólnopolskie Centrum Rozliczania Kierowców, Bielsko – Biała
    • EuroWAG Payment Solution On The Road, Warszawa
    • MOYA sieć stacji paliw
    • Podkarpacka Kancelaria Rozliczeniowa Rzeszów
    • IVECO STC Rzeszów
    • Kässbohrer TIMEX S.A.
    • Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Klaudia Gąsior